Starvation and malnourished children
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The Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe Foundation is established by the Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe Family and named after the Family’s Patriarch to pursue the following Aims and Objectives:

note To promote and perpetuate, to the Glory of God, Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe’s overarching ideals of Service to life
note To promote the study and practice of Music, especially Church Music, as a critical discipline for the balanced development and enjoyment by the children of God
note To protect and promote the musical works of Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe for the spiritual benefit and aesthetic enjoyment by Church and Society.
note To sponsor poor children who show promise and talent for music.

note To establish a Library of Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe’s musical, theological and other collections
note To set up a museum of Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe’s musical, theological and personal collections
note To encourage the study of Music and facilitate research into Music, especially Church Music
note To sponsor an annual Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe Choral Music Competition
note To establish an annual Rev. J.E. Allotey-Pappoe Memorial Lecture.
note To introduce and nurture musical ideas such as workshops, publications, and musical events.



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